In The Name of Church

In The Name of Church

A story involving witches, religious warfare and massacres in France in 1572. A Bishop has mysterious, evil intentions for a peasant girl under the protection of a young noblewoman.

A Lace Cap and Two Boys

A Lace Cap and Two Boys, A Novel

A tale based on history about the Indian captivity of women and their children. Told as seen through the eyes of a mother and her two boys. Set in New York State in 1663.

A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific

A Lesser Tale of the South Pacific, Reminiscences of World War II

The author recounts his World War II experiences in the South Pacific, including combat in the Solomon Islands Campaigns. The story is told with wit and poignancy.

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Edmund DuBois

Edmund DuBois

Edmund DuBois is a career Army officer, retiring as a brigadier general. In addition to World War II service where he commanded an artillery battery, he has had assignments in the Pentagon, with NATO, and in command positions. He lives in Sonoma, California.

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